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The 8th Annual Bocce Fun Day

The Bocce Fun Day fundraiser that was held on October 8th and was a great success! With the support of players, spectators and sponsors, the event raised over $13,000, more than doubling the donations in 2010. This annual event raises funds to buy food, clothing, health care, education and provide funds for general shelter function like electricity and water and will continue to help children long into the future; it will be a continuous effort for the Night’s Shield to raise dollars to support this much-needed program.

This years Bocce Fun Day was dedicated to Erin Davis Howell, and all proceeds went to the Night’s Shield Children’s Shelter in her memory. Her love of life, her smile and her love of caring for people will live on forever in the memories of family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. This fundraiser will be an annual event in her memory and all proceeds will go to an endowment for the Night’s Shield Children’s Shelter.