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About Our Shelter

 The Night’s Shield Children’s Shelter is a private, non-profit organization that provides twenty-four hour emergency shelter for abused, neglected and/or abandoned children from the entire state.  As a child care institution, licensed by the state of Illinois, we provide a secure, nurturing and home-like setting for the children.  Our hope is to help reduce the current trauma these children are experiencing by providing them with support and nurturing.

A primary goal of The Night’s Shield is to keep sibling groups together as often as possible.  Often, children in need of shelter are faced not only with separation from their parents and home, but also from their siblings.  For this reason, The Night’s Shield accepts both male and female children from newborn to 18 years of age.   

The children are provided food, clothing, medical care, education, and weekly activities. Along with providing the basic needs, we also strive to provide life-tools that will help in their next foster placement or when they are returned home.  We teach goal setting, decision making and problem solving skills to the children at the shelter. 

Hundreds of children have been helped at the shelter.  Each child is unique in their needs.  They come from different backgrounds with different experiences, but are the same in that they have had to face huge issues at a young age.   Some children want to be hugged while others do not because of past physical or sexual abuse.  Many of their abusers have been someone they know or even a family member.  This along with various foster placements makes most teens unable to trust others easily. 

Many of the children have not regularly attended school, seen a doctor, had healthy meals or brushed their teeth daily.  Their lives have been shattered and their stories are heart wrenching, but their stay at The Nights Shield Children’s Shelter, although temporary, will provide them with care that can make a difference now and in the rest of their lives.