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Education Facility Project

Research shows that it is very traumatic for a child to be removed from their home, but also to lose their friends and teachers at school.  These may be the only people that make them feel safe.  The Night’s Shield is a registered non-public school that will soon be recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education.  At this time, the Shelter has a teacher on staff. The children that are placed in our emergency shelter are in school the very next day, therefore eliminating any interruption in the child’s education.

Our classrooms and library are actually bedrooms, utilized as very small areas; too small to meet the children’s classroom needs. In addition, to give the children room to run and play and to not think about the crisis they are going through, the community churches have opened their gymnasium doors for the Shelter to use for the children to play basketball, volleyball and just run and have fun. While this works as a temporary solution that we are grateful for, it would be easier, more accessible and more efficient to have means of this kind of play on our property.

Our need and next goal of the Night’s Shield is to build an Education Building that will house a full gymnasium, classrooms, computer lab, library and a quiet room for a child to just sit and read. Land has been purchased, but at this time no funding has been raised to move forward on this project and see this dream become a reality. Our children need this; we need your help. The Education Facility will allow the children to remain at the Shelter, be in a safe environment, not have the trauma and “labeling” associated with starting a new school where they do not know anyone and will provide children an area to learn, play and have fun with the greatest asset being to forget, even for a short time, the crisis they are going through in their life.  
We need your help. Will you consider donating to the Night’s Shield Education Building Campaign to give our children the opportunity to heal during their greatest time of need? Click the donate button at the top of the page to donate.