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Why do people ask for help at the Night's Shield?
Crisis happens.  Families experience crisis and need a safe place for their children to stay while they stabilize the crisis.  Children can stay at the Night's Shield while their parent or guardian works to resolve the issue.  Crisis could be homelessness, emergency hospital stays, lack of utilities or food, drug or alcohol rehabilitation for the parent or guardian, mental health issues, parental stress, and more.  
Does it cost to have my children stay at the Night's Shield?
The Night's Shield Children's Crisis Shelter is available at no cost to families with no income guidelines.  Crisis happens and worrying about expenses to keep your child safe isn't something you want to worry about when using our services.  
Will I be able to contact my children while at the Night's Shield?
Absolutely!  In fact, we encourage it!  You still have custody of your children while they are in our crisis shelter program, we will just provide for their basic daily needs.  We encourage parents to call their children daily and visit when possible.  
What do I need to do to bring my children to the Night's Shield's Children's Crisis Shelter program?
You can call us anytime, 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.  Call (618)932-6400.  You and your child(ren) are also welcome to visit with us and see our program to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with using our services.  
Our Facility:
The shelter has an east and west wing. The east wing is mainly executive staff, but also has a class room, art room, library, and a visitation room used for area agencies to hold supervised visitations. Our west wing has 8 bedrooms that can hold 2 children, a nursery and toddler room. We also have a movie room, Wii/game room, activity room,  kitchen, dining room, and a huge fenced in play area and a small playground outside. 
Where we are:
The shelter is in West Frankfort, Illinois, on East Garland Street. It is housed in the Roan Center, named after Gary Roan of Franklin County who had donated $125K that ultimately began renovations on the facility that was donated by Shay Bellows from Chicago with the help of Glenn Poshard and the Poshard Foundation.
How long do children stay?
They can stay from a couple of hours up to 72 hours.  Depending on the situation there may be times when they will stay longer as well.  This will be noted on a case by case situation and the status of the family crisis.
How can people help?
Donations such as clothing and canned foods are always helpful.
We are always looking for volunteers to help with child care at the shelter. We also need volunteers to help with things like homework, physical education, art, music, housekeeping, lawn care, and special occasions.
People can also donate dollars and gift cards. Gift cards help in areas when we have certain needs that are hard to come by through random donations, for instance a birthday celebration at Pizza Hut or size 12 shoes.
Volunteers are also needed for fundraisers that we hold throughout the year and for fundraisers that are held for us. We are always looking for items to raffle such as baskets, mini vacations, dinners and things like that. 
When a child leaves... 
Every child leaves with a backpack, a pillow, blanket, book or stuffed animal of their choice.