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How You Can Help

Your support of The Night's Shield Children’s Shelter means the difference between providing only the basic needs such as shelter and food, and a place where the abused and neglected children are nurtured and given the innovative services they need to help them succeed.
Here are a few of the many differnt ways you can make a positive difference in the lives of children in crisis:

Give money
While we are able to provide shelter, food and basic needs, it is financially challenging to provide extra activities that we like to provide our residents for nourishment of mental health. In addition to this need, we also have projects planned that are paid for solely by funds brought forth through fundraising efforts. 

Give stuff
View our wish list for currently accepted items in need.

Our Fundraisers
Check our events tab to see where you may be able to lend a hand at an upcoming fundraiser hosted by The Night's Shield.

Your Fundraisers
We are fortunate to have a number of generous, creative and hard-working supporters who stage their own fundraising events designating The Night's Shield Children's Shelter as a beneficiary. Community-minded groups often use such initiatives as outreach and ream-building functions and promote awareness of their products and/or services. We call these Third-Party Fundraisers. We do, however, like to know about these initiatives in advance, so we can lend a hand, if needed. Our agreement helps ensure that people will not use our good name for events that are not conducted in an ethical manner. Find the third party event proposal form here.

Give Time
All volunteers who work directly with our children must undergo an application and screening process before volunteering at the Shelter, which includes background checks. Also, all on-site volunteers must be at least 21 years old. Due to the possibility of conflicts of interest, individuals with past history in the foster care system are not permitted to volunteer as an on-site volunteer at the Children’s Shelter. However, there are many other ways to help as an off-site volunteer

View our volunteer page for more detailed information.